• Image of SOLD OUT: DUTCH MASTERS CLASS March 26, 2017

NEW YORK, MARCH 26, 2017

The sumptuous work of European 16th and 17th century still life masters Rachel Ruysch, Georg Flegel, Jan Brueghel, Jan Davidsz. de Heem, Simon Pietersz, Verelst and Jan van Huysum continually inform our own work. In this class students will pore over this classic imagery, finding clues as to how to combine colors and construct forms. Special attention will be given to maximizing contrast and using bright, disparate colors utilizing the very best flowers March has to offer: fritillaria, hellebores, sweet pea, countless varieties of specialty tulips, ranunculus, poppies, dutch iris, narcissus, muscari and flowering branches-- flanked by a bounty of natural specimens.

Participants will receive hands-on tutelage from Nicolette as to how to build a sprawling floral and fruit composition, taking cues from the Dutch Masters. In the second portion of the class, each student will get the opportunity to style their masterpiece into a beautiful tableau using props and textiles. We’ll then have a photographer capture each still life in the beautiful natural light of the Metropolitan building. All materials including clippers, flowers, a footed brass bowl and photography will be provided along with a light lunch & refreshments.

This class is open to students of all levels. Full payment is required to reserve your spot. This class is non-refundable and will take place from 12 - 4 pm on Sunday March 26, 2017 at the Metropolitan Building, 44-01 11th St, 3rd floor. Long Island City, NY 11101.

Photography by GENTL & HYERS

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